COMO ONE is a marketplace “the Payment Aliance” of payment gateways, acquirers, banks, payment services, pay-out providers and payment technologies for merchants to access from one platform.

Together, the many payment and service providers form one unified network, making COMO ONE the world’s largest payment service provider, offering unprecedented geographic footprint and choice of risk profiles, forms-of-payment, and prices to merchants.

COMO ONE has the unique ability to choose which payment providers to use for each individual transaction’s needs (depending on the form of payment, risk profile, fees and geographic footprint etc.). As an independent marketplace, there are no vested interests in choosing providers. This enables COMO ONE to select the best provider for each transaction (within the PSP’s or merchant’s selection).

COMO ONE is able to process 450+ forms of payment in 120 different currencies globally for both pay-in and pay-out services.

COMO ONE automatically highlights missing data, problem events, merchant critical situations (chargebacks), routing transactions to the next best gateway or acquirer. As new technologies are developed, COMO ONE connects them, thus always providing access to the newest best-in-class providers.

One developer marketplace provides access to all COMO services and connected providers. All platform API’s are interoperable in a single API environment and accessible for clients via the dashboards.

Because they are connected to each other and data sources have been standardised, payment providers in the alliance can provide any of the services in the network to their existing or new clients. They can also offer their clients COMO’s additional services, elevating them from payment suppliers to business partners.

Read about our newest alliance partners here:

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