The payments alliance

COMO ONE is a marketplace of payment gateways, acquirers, banks, payment services, pay-out providers and payment technologies for merchants to access, from one platform.

Together, the many payment and service providers form one unified network, making COMO ONE the world’s largest payment service provider, offering unprecedented geographic footprint and choice of risk profiles, forms-of-payment, and prices to merchants.

COMO ONE has the unique ability to choose which payment providers to use for each individual transaction’s needs (depending on the form of payment, risk profile, fees and geographic footprint etc.). As an independent marketplace, there are no vested interests in choosing providers. This enables COMO ONE to select the best provider for each transaction*.


COMO ONE automatically highlights missing data, problem events, merchant critical situations (chargebacks), routing transactions to the next best gateway or acquirer in the Alliance.

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* within the merchant’s selection

Automated accounts and services

Processing payments requires reconciliation of data from multiple sources. COMO connects to these sources and automatically standardises all transaction data, so that transactions can be automatically processed from pay-in to pay-out on a single platform.

COMO SYNCHRO automates accounts receivables and accounts payables at a transaction level, which includes reconciliation of invoicing, billing, payment fulfilment and all related financial documents are all automatically created and processed.

All data relating to each transaction, including supplier inventory details, is stored. COMO SYNCHRO automates dynamic payment splitting, useful for the pay-out of sales tax, supply chain and all cross channels.

This automation saves merchants costs and time, reduces errors, and removes risk.
(Up to 85% cost savings overall.)


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Self-service portal & interactive dashboards

COMO IQ is a self service portal and customisable web-based dashboard where merchants can view and have access to their own customisable views of their transactions, data and account information. Dashboard views can be configured as required and are completely interactive.
Merchant, supply chain and cross channel can access transactional data, update information, approve users, make selections regarding service providers, move funds geographically, manage problem and critical events, approve payment releases, and export custom views and datasets.

Because COMO is connected to so many payment providers, there is a vast data pool for analysis. Machine learning and artificial intelligence enables COMO to turn this data into richer insights for clients and partners which they can access via the COMO IQ portal and dashboards.
This provides merchants with valuable insights.


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