at the workplace

COMO is aware that our business inclination and
practice is just one aspect of our identity as human
beings and we recognize that spirituality is
another important aspect. For that reason, we —
from time to time — engage ourselves as a host of enlightenment practices where we share intimate
weekend gatherings with friends and business
associates. We believe that at the individual and group level we help to make our work more meaningful within a sense of community. Also, it is an irrefutable truth that spirituality at the workplace has
received rising reflection during the last decade,
and the interest in corporate spirituality has
grown over the last ten years because of the elimination of the psychological contract, huge layoffs, greater use of technology, and physical demands from workers.

Workplace spirituality deals with the spiritual needs of employees, and compels employees to recognize the eventual meaning of their work; plus it discusses the fact that employees have such needs and they want some purpose, objective, and meaning at their work. In addition, they need a sense of relationship with others at the workplace. Such things highlight the various dimensions of workplace spirituality.

As a critical influencer of employees’ wellbeing and performance, the concept of workplace spirituality brings devotion to the work environment. A spiritual workplace can play an instrumental role in recognizing, supporting, and developing the spirit of our employees.

Our employees needs matter

The scholarly work of McKee, Driscoll, Kelloway, and Kelley (2011) has acknowledged that workplace spirituality has three broad dimensions, which are:




At COMO we believe firmly that workplace spirituality is capable of facilitating a better environment for our team, and therefore, we can have a better productivity and a stronger relationship with one another.

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